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Coaches Spotlight: JC Alexander Mt View

Scorebook Live’s Dan Dickau visits with JC Alexander, head coach at Mountain View High School

Hometown: Portland, OR

HS/College: Mountain View/Clark College/William Penn

Athlete in HS/College: Basketball and Soccer

Coaching career: 10 years (1 at Union, 4 at Evergreen, 3 at Parkrose, 2nd year at Mountain View)

Why did you get into coaching?

I wanted to stay around the game after my playing days, and help mentor kids.

Outside of current team/program what are your coaching aspirations?

College coaching would be pretty cool one day, but I am loving being at Mountain View right now.

Who is your coaching mentor?

Previous college and high school coaches.

Best coaching resource?

Other high school coaches.

Best coach you’ve matched x/o’s with?

Chris Roche @ Wilsonville.

Best player you’ve coached?

Isaac Bonton

Best player you’ve seen at the HS level in WA?

Kevin Porter Jr.

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