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7 questions with Gabe Medrano, Lewis & Clark girls basketball coach

Former Central Valley girls basketball coach Freddie Rehkow, who was named the 2017-18 National High School Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year, has been working with Scorebook Live to shine a light on girls basketball players and coaches across the state of Washington.

Rehkow recently caught up with Lewis & Clark coach Gabe Medrano, who is in his second season as the Tigers head coach. Medrano led the Tigers to the District 8 girls basketball championship, ending Central Valley’s 4-year streak of district titles.

Why did you get into coaching?

Coaching really helped me stay focused in high school and taught me how to be a part of a team and work towards a common goal while also making me want to better myself. If I had not played high school sports I don’t know where I may be right now. The lessons I learned from playing sports encouraged me to want to share those with the young people today to help push them and encourage them.

What are your coaching aspirations?

To continue and grow as a coach, learn, and always work on ways to motivate and encourage our athletes to better themselves while working towards our goals as a team. And to always promote the benefits of the sport and of athletics.

Who is your coaching mentor?

I would have to say Dave Baird, who I worked under at Liberty High School, and Jay Webber who I worked with at North Central High School. Both of these coaches really helped me along my path to coaching and always encouraged and supported me.

Who is your best coaching resource?

Right now Lewis and Clark boys basketball coaches Jim Redmon and Terry Reed. Jay Webber has also been a great resource along the way.

Best coach you’ve matched Xs and Os with?

Mike Arte at Gonzaga Prep always has great game plans, as did former Central Valley coach Freddie Rehkow. Ryan Bragdon, current CV coach, is also doing a great job of game planning.

Who is the best player you’ve coached?

I have been fortunate to have some great players, Riley Holsinger and Brianna King are a few that come to mind from my North Central days, however Jacinta Buckley and all of the things she can do would have to take that spot. She can play inside and out, attack the basket and shoot the 3. She can defend all 5 positions and rebounds like a maniac. She is truly a great player and I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to coach her.

Who is the best player you’ve seen at the high school level in Washington?

I have been lucky to see the likes of Angie Bjorklund, Tia Presley and the Hull twins. Those are some of the best players I have seen in Washington. This season I get to see Buckley play every night. I have seen Tomika Whitman and Aspyn Adams play. Jayda Noble may be one of the best athletes I have seen in high school. I can’t really pick just one; there are some really great players in our state.

Medrano’s background

Hometown: Fairfield, Washington

High school and college: Liberty High School (Spangle) and Eastern Washington University

Sports played in high school: Football, basketball, track and field

Coaching career: 

Liberty High School: 1998-2003 (football, basketball, track and fField)

North Central High School: 2003-2015 (football, Basketball [5 years as girls head coach], Track and Field)

Lewis and Clark High School: 2017-Present (Girls basketball head coach, football, track and field)



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