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10 questions with Jacinta Buckley, Lewis & Clark High School star and UNLV commit

Former Central Valley girls basketball coach Freddie Rehkow, who was named the 2017-18 National High School Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year, has been working with Scorebook Live to shine a light on girls basketball players and coaches across the state of Washington.

Rehkow recently caught up with Lewis & Clark senior Jacinta Buckley, who was named the 2019 girls basketball most valuable player in the 4A/3A Greater Spokane League. Buckley will lead the Tigers (20-3) into the 4A state playoffs on Saturday in a regional matchup with Bellarmine Prep (20-4) at University High School at 4 p.m.

How would you describe your game?

A crafty inside player who has developed a mid and outside range game. I have the ability to take my man off the dribble. I enjoy passing and I am a vocal leader on the floor. I’m also very passionate about the game and a competitor.

What are your goals for this season?

Team goal: Get to the dome, and win state!

Individual goal: Finish this season strong & leave everything I have on the floor so that I have nothing to regret.

How would you describe your coach (Gabe Medrano)?

Coach Medrano is a very passionate, caring and fun coach. He is the kind of coach that will meet you more than halfway to help you reach your goals & that’s on and off the court. Also, he sticks around (haha). Two years and counting.

Is there a coach who’s had a big influence on you?

I have had many wonderful coaches throughout the last few years. I could say something great about each of them. Steve Klees is the first that comes to mind. He pushed me harder than any coach I’ve had before. He believed in me always, and he helped me tremendously through my recruiting process. I love that man.

Who is your favorite player?

Former Gonzaga star Katelan Redmon. Gonzaga was the first college game I ever went to with my dad. That was when she was still playing. I just fell in love with how she carried herself and her mental toughness. I found out that she’s from Spokane and played at Lewis & Clark. She’s been my favorite player ever since.

Who is your toughest matchup?

Tomekia Whitman and Central Valley’s team as a whole.

What is your favorite gym in the state to play in?

Easy. Lewis & Clark. I bleed orange and black, baby.

What are your aspirations as a player?

I have wanted to go to college for basketball since I was young, ever since hearing about my mom and her glory days. I’m not sure what’s next. I’m looking forward to making an impact down in Vegas.

Where have you committed to play?

I committed to UNLV and I’m ridiculously excited to be there next year. With that in mind this last season I have focused on cherishing every moment and making memories that will last.

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