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Seattle Seahawks help upgrade the weight rooms of three Washington high schools

Three Seattle-area high schools learned earlier this month they will receive a “hefty” donation of used equipment from the Seattle Seahawks.

Sometime this summer, the Seahawks will deliver most of what is in their weight room currently at the VMAC practice facility in Renton to Chief Sealth High School, Kent-Meridian High School and Rainier Beach High School.

That equipment includes free weights, bumper plates and racks; as well as leg-press machines, lat-pulldown machines, chest-press machines, fly machines and cable crossover machines.

“I feel like we hit the lottery,” Kent-Meridian football coach Justin Callendar said. “I really do.”

Callendar said athletic administrators from the three schools discussed which parts of their respective weight rooms needed the biggest upgrades, and divided up the incoming equipment from there.

“We were recently able to buy some new racks for the free weights through ASB and athletics,” said Callendar, a former Renton High School and Willamette University lineman who just completed his first season at Kent-Meridian last fall. “But we did not have good bumper plates and other machines. They were falling apart.”

The equipment is expected to be delivered sometime in late June to early July.

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